Havdalah Set

  • Havdalah set “Jerusalem”

    Havdalah set includes: Kiddush Cup, perfume tool, Havdalah candle holder, and matching plate. Designed and special, made of smooth metal, In Silver-colored shade, with metal decorations in the shape of Jerusalem.

  • Havdalah Set 4 parts Nickel plating – “Havdalah blessings”.

    Length / Height: 22 cm

    Width: 22 cm

    Depth: 26.5 cm

    Material: Metal

    Color: Nickel finish

    Weight: 1.27 kg

    Size: 22

  • Havdalah Set Hammer Work – Black

    Delicate and classic Havdalah set. Designed by gentle hammer blows by an artist. Decorated with black and Silver-colored rings on his bottom. The set includes a Kiddush Cup, a perfume tool, a candle holder and a matching plate.


At Mount Sinai, we, all the people of Israel, heard the command: “Remember the Sabbath day for their holiness,” and interpreted sages that we need to do Kiddush on entering Sabbath and Havdalah on ending Shabbat, And both have to do with a glass of wine.

Rabbi Nachman of Braslav said that the Hidur of a cup of kiddush (and Havdalah) is a virtue of riches. and as all of the residuals of mitzvot, such as buying an elegant and glorious Havdalah set for the Mitzvah of the G-d, show how much one appreciates and believes in the power of G-d Mitzvot. And there is also A virtue of physical blessing, which accompanies the spiritual reward of the Mitzvah itself

Havdalah set consists of 4 parts:

  1. A fancy glass of wine
  2. Decorated candle holder
  3. perfume tool
  4. Upscale saucer in the same shades where the cup, candle, and perfume can be placed.

On this page, you will find a variety of designs for Havdalah sets, with their equal side, all of which look upscale, silver-colored, and will honor your Sabbath table and on the Havdalah especially.

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