Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye Jewelry

For the past 3,000 years of ancient Rome and Greece begins the cultures and beliefs about the evil eye. This is considered as one of the most famous and strongest symbols that you can see in this world. It is believed by many people that if you wear an amulet with the symbol of the evil eye, it will enable you to stay protected from evil elements. The evil eye symbolism is being used by many religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam, and Judaism.

It has a higher chance that you already seen this strongest and most famous symbol a hundred times. And I am probably sure that you have worn it already and have seen some people wearing it too as an amulet. You also probably seen an individual giving an amulet as their gift to their special someone, and his or her special might be you. But do have any idea about the meaning and a deeper meaning of this symbol, and do you know its popularity during different periods with different traditions? Below are the things you need to know about the most famous symbol, evil eye, which is one of the most popular jewelry in all ladies in this world.

Meaning and History of the Symbol Evil Eye

The evil eye symbolism is considered as the most famous image in this world in different generations. And despite the different religions or cultures that hold the myth about this symbol, the meaning of it stays the same no matter what. The symbol of the evil eye is believed by many people that could protect us from sufferings, dangers, risks or any evil elements that you don’t want to experience. This is the symbol that has the meaning of someone or something that possess either and ill feeling, pure malice or jealousy to someone or something. The evil eye’s superstition has been believed that its undesirable look has the power to give dangerous experiences to someone or something that is considered as the evil glare receiver.

Ancient Rome and Greece are the first countries who had been believed the superstition of evil eye hundreds of years ago. The evil eye is also believed that the most dangerous threat to someone or something who praised or received admiration too much than they deserved from the other people. The person who had been admired and praised by everyone will be eaten by their pride that they could even give themselves to the world of evil, which is believed by many people that can cause both mental and physical illness. In addition, many people also believed that the cause of any illness without an obvious or immediate cause is the evil eye. It was also believed that the different goddesses and gods were giving their punishments to all the people who had been too much admired and praised by everyone and to destroy them through the help of the veiled eye power to make their levels be in the level of mortals again.

The superstitions about the evil eye immediately spread all over the countries in this world, including Central America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have been scared by the danger of the evil eye. According to the Shahih Muslim Book 26, Muhammad is a prophet who gave his warning to all the people around him about the threat of the superstitions of the evil eye. He stated that a person who had been glared by someone or something that possess the characteristics of the evil eye must take a bath immediately. This is to prevent the effects that might give to them by the power of the evil eye.

Evil Eye in Different Languages

Romans – Oculus Malus

Germany – BoserBlick

France – MauvaisOeil

Spanish – Mal Ojo or El Oja

Scotland – DrochShuil

Arabic – Ayin Harsha

Farsi – Bla Band

Italian Evil Eye – Mal Occhio

Turkish Evil Eye – NazarBoncugu

Hebrew Evil Eye – AyinHa’ra

The Evil Eye in Modern World

The symbolism of the evil eye is still a strong influence in design and jewelry, pop culture and in this modern world. Everyone has the idea about the words “The Evil Eye,” wherein it is a belief of casting the future of someone or something. In the land of Turkey, the symbol of the evil eye is engraved in the life of every person living there and believed that the symbolism that has a deep meaning of their culture. The pendant of the evil eye is being attached to anyone or anything susceptible to ill-feelings, envy, greed and any evil factors. You will also find the symbol of the evil eye in the currency of the said city, offices and homes and also been hanged in the animal farm, newborn child and many buildings and infrastructure.

Evil Eye Remedies

In many places such as Assyria, Armenia, and Greece, the evil eye is believed that wearing evil eye pieces of jewelry or amulets that can treat the curse of someone who possesses the different types of evil elements. In the land of Europe, Christians have their beliefs and traditions that require them to create the sign of the cross while pointing their pinky and index finger to the evil eye’s source. There are also some gorgeous women who been drawn a dot of the kohl beyond their two years to guard them against the evil elements.

Jewelry of Evil Eye

The symbol of the evil eye is one of the popular symbols in Jewish religion for a long time. Some celebrities in this world have been captured wearing bracelets of red Kabbalah, which people believed that it is another form of an amulet that will protect the wearer from the threat of evil eye, such as Nicole Richie, Mick Jagger, The Olsen Twins, Britney Spears, and Madonna. Rhiana, Lauren Conrad, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, Kelly Ripa, and Cameron Diaz are just some of the celebrities in this world who wear the amulet with the symbol of the evil eye. Technically, through wearing the amulets or pieces of jewelry with the evil eye symbol by the different celebrities improved the popularity of the symbol.


To sum it up, the evil eye began in ancient Rome and Greece for the past 3,000 years. It is also the symbol that is famous in different cultures and religions including Judaism. It is believed that evil eye amulets and pieces of jewelry can protect its wearer against the threat of danger from someone or something that possess ill feeling, envy, greed, and other evil elements.

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