• The Holy Zohar – Matok Midvash – The Complete Zohar


    The holy Zohar with the interpretation of “Matok Midvash” (Sweet from honey) written by Rabbi Daniel Frisch Ztz”l which was accepted in all the Diaspora as the best interpretation, the interpretation combines a simple interpretation in square writing to the” simple “reader and an in-depth interpretation of the greatest Kabbalists in Rashi’s And the reception. As is well known, the greatest Kabbalists say that studying in the Zohar, and even without understanding, purifies the soul, corrects the person, refines the measurements and every minute of study, which considered in the sky about 1,000 minutes of Torah study. (big edition)

  • Sha’ar HaKavanot with “Yaffw Sha`ah” – Kabalah book

    Sha’ar HaKavanot (Intentional gate) is one of the main Kabbalah books that are taught today in all accepted yeshivas. The book focuses on the needs of the Shekhina. The book Sha’ar HaKavanot contains many topics and some of them are used in practice for most of the various Jewish communities. The book teaches many laws that belong to every human being.

  • “Sha`ar Hagilgulim” (The gate of the reincarnation) – to the holy Ha`Ari z”l. with “Matok midvash” interpretation

    The Gate of the Reincarnation is one of the eight gates written by Rabbi Chaim Vital z”l. The Gate of the Incarnations contains introductions and explanations about the way the soul is reincarnated and everything that will pass through it in the world.

  • “Sha’arei Zohar” book – from the writer of “Matok Midvash”, Rabbi Daniel Frisch z “l

    The Book of “Sha’arei Zohar” (Zohar gates) explains the duty of learning the Zohar and the study of Kabbalah. In addition, the book provides tools for a person who begins to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. The book explains the different parts of the Zohar according to the rules and the conditions in order to begin studying Kabbalah. The book is compiled from the words of the Rishonim and the Acharonim according to the Kabbalists throughout the generations, and everything is simple and clear to begin studying Kabbalah. Book highly recommended.

  • Otzrot Chayim – “matok midvash” – from Ha`ari Zal

    “Otzrot Chayim” from Ha`ari Zal by Rabbi Chaim Vital The Holy Ari student, with a “matok midvash” interpretation. The book was published in a new edition with a commentary by Rabbi Daniel Frisch. The book deals with the development of the worlds and is an opening to the wisdom of Kabbalah.


On this page, you will find basic acceptance books with beginner interpretations. Suitable for those who want to know a little about this wonderful divine wisdom of Kabbalah. “The whole purpose of this study is to discover the truths of faith” (Ramchal), how G-d is leading the world, and what is hidden behind the scenes of this world.
The holy book of Zohar has large parts that can also be understood by those who are not familiar with the taps of the Kabalah, in the glamor book we sell on this page, with the interpretation “Matok Midvash” these parts are indicated in a prominent font (in plain writing, not in Rashi writing).
Buying the Zohar set for the home is a great way to bring home a supreme spiritual light that will bring a wealth of holiness to your home

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