In the distant past, the cantor would pray the prayer aloud, and the entire audience would answer “Amen” because they did not know the wording of the prayer. Today, thank G-d, there are many Siddurim in different styles with different styles and interpretations.

Although there is a lot of Siddurim in every synagogue, most people prefer to buy their own Sidur, to get used to the lettering, the design they like, which will remain engraved in their memory even at times when they get stuck without Sidur.

And most of all – out of sacred affection, and love to the mitzvah of prayer, You can choose a well-designed and beautiful Sidur as your personal taste.

Sidur as a Gift: If you want to give a gift to someone you love, and you also want him to remember you every day, and even several times a day – you should buy him a Comfortable and Mehudar Sidur that will accompany him every day, anywhere, in your personal bag or tefillin, and be used every day.

Because the price of the arrangements is particularly cheap (even in relation to a regular book with the same number of pages), there is actually a huge possibility for anyone who wants to win a lot of rights, for himself or devote to your close relatives who are ill, or for the soul of a recently deceased relative:

you can buy Siddurim and donate Them to the synagogue, so that every day, prayers, Kedushah, and all the tremendous grant a right that comes with the prayer of the user in the Sidur you have donated to the synagogue – will be your rights, and of those for whom you have contributed these Siddurim.

There is a variety of Siddurim to suit every community (Ashkenazi / Eastern/ Sefard). Most notable are the “Avodat Hashem” (Eastern Testimony) and “Beit Tefillah” (Ashkenazi / Sefard / Eastern Testimonies) Siddurim which are slightly larger.

and the Sefaradim “Kavanat Halev” Siddurim, which incorporates short interpretations of the words in a pleasant font. Apart from that, there are very user-friendly “Koren” and “Rinat Israel” Siddurim with very pleasant  (with “prayer for state peace”).

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