Tefillin boxes

The Tefillin itself is a precious sacred item and very important, if the Tefillin fall to the floor, one must fast for a Taanit one day (and some say a feeble person can redeem the equivalent price of whole day meals) because of the severity of the harm to Tefillin when they fell exposed without a lid. What’s more, if the tefillin themselves are damaged or fall and they also may lose their square shape, or flake and lose their black color, which may impair the tefillin’s cosher!

Therefore, Israel used for generations all over the world to place the Tefillin in “tefillin houses” which are plastic or hard boxes that keep tefillin in their holiness and shape.

In our generation, we have also been won in elegant and decorated Tefillin-houses in all kinds of colors and decorations – gold, silver, ivory, or delicate Tefillin houses, and more – the equal side that everyone is very elegant and has a prestigious and unique look. When you put your tefillin inside these designed and Invested tefillin-houses, You can rejoice in the privilege that you have to honor and glorify this precious Mitzvah of tefillin. If you buy for your son tefillin in honor of the Bar Mitzvah, and you decide to upgrade him with special and Mehudarot tefillin – the message “Mitzvahs are important to me” will surely pass to his heart and mind, and he too will go in his parent’s way, to his delight and to his parents’ joy and G-d.

You should know that even though there are no physical wages for observance spiritual Mitzvah, but On the extensions and the Hidur of the mitzvah itself has a physical wage in this world as well! Thus, any Hidur Mitzvah is a long-term safe investment in spiritual and physical as well.

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