Hanukkah Menorah - Chanukah Menorah

Hanukah Menorah

Chanukah days, days of salvation, and joy. Of the light of faith and heroism that shines in the dark. In the Hanukkah candle lighting mitzvah, the whole family gathers together for wonderful moments of family unity and spiritual transcendence. At the observance of the “miracle publication” mitzvah and enlightenment to all those around.

As with all the mitzvot, there is a rule: “The Eli Veanvehu” – do your Mitzvah in a beautiful way and a beautiful cover. This is especially true in the Mitzvah of lighting a Chanukah candle, whose essence is to show outwardly the light of faith and The publication of the miracle. So it is very important to use beautiful menorah when you turn on the Hanukah candlelight.

Chaz”l said that there are no material-Physical wages in this world for the spiritual mitzvahs we do (such as lighting Chanukah candles), but on the other hand, they emphasize the power of mitzvah remnants (the additions to the mitzvah) and Hidori Mitzvah (such as buying fancy and beautiful menorah) To influence the abundance and Physical blessing as well: in good livelihood, robust health, and broad family(“Bani Chayee and Mazony)

On this page, you will find high-quality copper menorahs, in a classically designed look, elegant and designed by an artist. Menorahs similar to the Temple lamp ornamented menorahs with Jewish Star of David motifs, grenades, and more. Menorahs made of colored metal alongside wooden menorahs in a unique design of puzzle and accordion, menorahs for children in cute models of train and fire engine and other traditional and innovative designs of beautiful and special menorahs

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