Netilat Yadayim Cup

Natla – Netilat Yadayim Cup

The Gemara tells of one of the wealthy sages who earned his wealth for his hands-on fullness. It is based on the words of the sages, taking hands in the morning and before eating, and so on.

The Sages teach us that there aren’t Material wages in this world for the spiritual mitzvahs themselves, for the magnitude of their spirituality and holiness, but in the other hand for any action of “Hidur mitzvah” or “residue of the mitzvah” (= additions around the mitzvah) In addition to spiritual wages, there is also material wages – a blessing in “Banee Chayey and Mazoni” (= in livelihood, health, and birth) – this is true in every Mitzvot, and it is most true in this Mitzvah of washing hands, which the Sages said that its virtue of bringing a person rich.

On this page, you will find decorate Natla that fit you; colored metal Natlah, bamboo Natlah, and all in colorful shades and special craftsmanship.

The Natla can be purchased for personal home use, or bought in public places, and won by the many to washing hands properly in full hands. And it is thanks to this Mitzvah we continue to have a double and double abundance of blessing and success.

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