Tallit “Bnei Or” – Rainbow


  • Kosher - Rabbinate of Tel AvivTallit Bnei Or – Rainbow Tallit
  • Shatnez tested
  • 100% Fine Wool
  • kosher
  • Made in Israel
  • Made by Mishkan Hatchelet
  • The Tallit comes with thin machine-spun threads and can be added HandSpun threads, plus price.

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Things to know

kosher by the Badatz

The body of the tallit is kosher by the Badatz

mishkan hatchelet

Manufactured by Mishkan Hatchelet

made in israel

Tallit Bnei Or – Rainbow Tallit: A modern, luxurious and unique Tallit made entirely of wool. The Atara (the upper part of the Tallit) made of excellent quality, with the prayer shawl on it, the corners are decorated, the prayer shawl made of 100% wool. The prayer shawl comes with machine-threaded threads

  • Elegant Tallit
  • Shatnez tested
  • 100% Fine Wool

There is no company better than Mishkan Hatchelet when it comes to quality. They are also great at providing creativity, times. Many prayer shawls come in primary colors. Variation often happens in the way of material or stripe arrangement. Colors are often limited. Mishkan Haltchelet has reached a new level of success with their Tallit Benny Or (Bnei Or) – Rainbow Tallit. This prayer shawl puts a pep in your step as you enjoy a full spectrum of color. If you can’t decide what color you want to wear on a particular day, this shawl allows you to wear a multitude of colors. This tallis is not only about aesthetics. However, it also made out of a luxurious material. Ewe’s wool is the material of choice for this item, and it satisfies even the pickiest of customers. Wrap yourself up in a rainbow cloud for a satisfying and warm experience. Warm green, purple, and yellow is just a few of the vibrant stripes that make up the surface of this Shawl. Expect to brighten up the day of those you come in contact with on the way to your prayer journey. It is difficult not to smile when met with a splash of color. This color, however, is not so bright that a broad audience cannot enjoy this product. They are a perfect balance of vibrant color hues.  There are a few things to look forward to when you bring home this shawl.

  • Quality Ewe’s wool
  • Stunning design
  • Reputable designer

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions N/A

XXS, XS, S, M, L

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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Tammy

    The tallit is pleasant to the touch and beautiful looking.
    Our son was very happy to receive it as a gift for his bar mitzvah.
    highly recommend

  2. 03

    by Orit Blay

    The tallit is beautiful and pleasant. Thank you very much!

  3. 03

    by itamar ben dor


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