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Shabbat Definition

Jewish Blog Shabbat Definition
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Shabbat Definition: The seventh day of the week.

In Judaism, the return of a day of rest and a strike from work and one of the important components of the Jewish way of life. Shabbat is mentioned for the first time in the Torah in describing the creation of the world in Genesis. After the six days of creation, God rested on the seventh day, blessed him and sanctified him. The Israelites were commanded by the commandment of the Sabbath when Haman began to descend from heaven even before the giving of the Torah. In the Ten Commandments, the mitzvot of the Sabbath have changed and have since become one of the founding commandments in Judaism. On Shabbat, the Jews are prohibited from doing work. Work is defined as anything that is the creation of something new. The forbidden works are engraved on the Sabbath and are detailed in the Mishna and Halakha.

On Shabbat there are also practical mitzvos of reciting Kiddush and remembering the creation of the world.

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