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Tzitzit – is equivalent to all the commandments together.

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On the commandment of Tzitzit, Rashi says that she is equal to all the commandments. Tzitzit is divided into two different forms in our lives – one small tzitzis also called a Tallit katan. And the second form in which the commandment of tzitzis is expressed is the tallit gadol, or merely a tallit.

Every morning

Every morning, every Jew who passed the age of 13, and according to Ashkenazic testimony after the wedding. Every Jewish man will wear a tallit and tzitzit. The tallit is considered one of the most influential Jewish symbols, every morning in Jewish neighborhoods around the world and of course in the Holy Land of Israel, everyone can see dozens and hundreds of people going to the synagogue. Some come wrapped in a prayer shawl and tefillin like the opinion of the holy Ari, and some go with the prayer shawl in a folded hand and the synagogue they will wrap themselves in it.

Important customs

There are several important rules in the opinion of the Ari HaKadosh and the Shulchan Aruch on the commandment of the tzitzis and specifically on the tallit

In the opinion of the holy Ari, it is essential to put the prayer shawl on the shoulders, and thus whoever has the root of his soul from the root of Cain and Abel corrects the sparks of his soul more easily – of course, there are enormous secrets about this.

In the opinion of the Shulchan Arukh HaKodesh – it is important to wrap a prayer shawl made entirely 100% from wool and thus fulfill the mitzvah in the best way possible.

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According to the Ari, it is good to cover the forehead with the prayer shawl – there are great secrets about this.

In the opinion of the Holy Ari and the holy Zohar, it is good to wrap himself in a prayer shawl already in the house before coming to the synagogue – thus accompanying angels who bless man.

According to the Ari, it is essential to put the tzitzit of the tallit katan into pants.

Rashi says that tzitzit is equivalent to all mitzvot – why?

Rashi says that tzitzit is equivalent to all mitzvot. The reason for this is that the tzitzit remind us of the mitzvot and therefore it is made in the manner in which the person sees the tzitzis and enters the fear of heaven. Also, there are many opinions in the poskim that the tzitzit are tied in such a way that the ties are issued in a small number or a hint to the number 613 against all the commandments.

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