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To give thanks to all the blessings given by God to His people, particularly to the rich blossoming of the almond trees in Israel, the TuBiShvat or also called as the “New Year for Trees” is one of the special holidays celebrated by Jews to commemorate the blessings of trees here in the natural world. Keep on reading this article to discover attractive tableware, elegant decoration pieces as well as sweet and delicious wines of Israel to celebrate this Jewish unique day for trees and nature. These TuBiShvat items can be your perfect gift to celebrate the “New Year for Trees” or “TuBiShvat holiday.”

Galilee’s Exclusive Infusion, Tea Gift Box, Set of 2

Craving for the heavenly and natural taste of tea? Then this Galilee’s Exclusive Infusion, Tea Gift Box in a set is perfect to soothe your cravings. This is the suitable tea to drink during wintery and cold seasons and this tea contains no caffeine, perfect to pair with some foods of yours. This is also a perfect gift for your friend to celebrate the TuBiShvat holiday of Jewish people. This kind of tea is a certified Kosher. This Galilee’s Exclusive Infusion Tea Gift Box has the price ranging from 30 US Dollars to 40 US Dollars, low cost with high-quality taste.

Gamla White Riesling Vintage 2017

With the scent of tropical footnotes and fresh flowers, this Gamla White Riesling Vintage 2017 is perfect for all types of occasions including the TuBiShvat holiday. It is made up of rounded picked mint and pine needles that will make the wine have a sweet and natural taste of the fruit. The best taste of this Gamla White Riesling can only be enjoyed after several years of its harvest. You can also pair this Gamla White Riesling with a spicy heat food. You can enjoy this sweet and delicious wine with a price ranging from 20 US Dollars to 30 US Dollars.

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Yair Emanuel Salt & Pepper Shaker – 7 Species

Yair Emanuel is one of the famous Jewish artists in Jewish history, and one of his artwork is this Salt and Pepper shaker. With the appearance of this salt and pepper shaker by Yair Emanuel, your dining table can be more beautiful than its usual appearance. These shakers contain grapes, olives, figs, dates, pomegranates, barley, and wheat which are popular in the name of “Seven Species of Israel.” The salt and pepper shaker has the hand-painted design of Yair Emanuel with the use of acrylic paints. Harmonious and unique design and color of this salt and pepper shaker is the perfect gift for your friend during the TuBiShvat celebration. You can purchase this Yair Emanuel Salt and Pepper Shaker in many Judaica stores near your area with a price ranging from 30 US Dollars to 40 US Dollars.

Danon Grapevine Bottle Cork

If you want to have a gorgeous and elegant style on your dining table, this Danon Grapevine Bottle Cork will give you what you want. This has the feature of an elegant grapevine decorative style that is very attractive in the eyes of your guests and other visitors. You can purchase this Danon Grapevine Bottle Cork through online stores with a price ranging from 15 US Dollars to 25 US Dollars.

Danon Pomegranate Bottle Cork

You can now add some décor with meaning in your dining table through the help of this Danon Pomegranate Bottle Cork that has a fish and pomegranate decorative surface on it. This décor is one of the classic Jewish designs that become very popular in many countries most specifically in the Mediterranean countries. This is also being considered as one of the seven species derived from the Land of Israel, according to the Hebrew Bible. Furthermore, the symbolism of pomegranate is one of the richest and deepest Judaism symbols that refer to the abundance of wisdom, prosperity, and righteousness. You can purchase this Danon Pomegranate Bottle Cork in many online stores nationwide with a price ranging from 20 US Dollars to 34 US Dollars.

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To sum it up, there are lots of TuBiShvat gifts that you can purchase in online stores in a very low cost. You can give one of the TuBiShvat gifts mentioned above to your special someone and I am sure that you will be much appreciated by your receiver.

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