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Bnei Or Tallit – Blue [Colorful Tallit Gadol]

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  • The Tallit comes with thin machine-spun threads and can be added HandSpun threads, plus price.
  • Shatnez tested
  • 100% Fine Wool
  • Kosher

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Tallit Size Chart

matching the size of the tallit and the height of the person

feet (height) Cm (height) Inch (height)

The measurements – by Mishkan Hatchelet

Things to know

kosher by the Badatz

The body of the tallit is kosher by the Badatz

mishkan hatchelet

Manufactured by Mishkan Hatchelet

made in israel

Bnei-Or-Tallit-Blue.jpgA modern, luxurious and unique prayer shawl made entirely of wool. The Atara (the upper part of the prayer shawl) made of excellent quality, with the prayer shawl on it, the corners are decorated, the prayer shawl made of 100% wool.

  • Elegant Tallit
  • Shatnez tested
  • 100% Fine Wool

The Bnei or Wool Blue and Purple Stripes and Embroidered Alara Tallit Prayer Shawl is another product offered by Mishkan Ha Tchelet. This is one of the bolder colored options that people may enjoy when adding a stylish touch. The entire shawl consists of wool and feels great on the skin. Jewish people enjoy showing their dedication to God with these precious shawls. Good designers know how important this is. This Tallit beautifully made for this purpose. This Tallit is versatile enough for on both dressy and casual occasions. The addition of the color purple adds the touch of royalty to this particular piece. Many people wear their Tallit quite often, meaning that they need to be high quality to last. This one is a part of the collection made from the wool of ewes. There is no other fabric mixed in. It is also nice to have some variety when you are looking at purchasing a Tallit. Variety is available when customizing your Tallit with personally chosen tzitzit. There are many options for this prayer shawl. See the customizations below.

  • Handmade Ashkenaz thick tzitzit
  • Ptil Tekhelet tzitzit string Raavad thin
  • Handmade Ashkenaz thin tzitzit

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1 review for Bnei Or Tallit – Blue [Colorful Tallit Gadol]

  1. itamar ben dor

    Very beautiful talit.
    The  Stripes in light blue, blue and purple.

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