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Chabad Tallit [The original] Lubavitch Tallit

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  • ChareditShatnez tested
  • 100% Fine Wool
  • Silk corners as Chabad custom

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The measurements – by Mishkan Hatchelet

Things to know

kosher by the Badatz

The body of the tallit is kosher by the Badatz

mishkan hatchelet

Manufactured by Mishkan Hatchelet

made in israel

The design of the prayer shawl is unique to Chabad Hasidism – The reason for this lies in Starting as a movement (Chabad) in Russia that the 18th century, it has become and sharing the heritage. Frequently Asked Questions What is Chabad Jews? If you refer to the Hasidism of Chabad (Lubavitch – Lubavitch, and Chabad are interchangeable words), you might wish the tallit that is conventional that its members consume. A Lubavitch Prayer Shawl is unconventional – each tzizit connected into two holes, the corners lined with silk, the tallit is wool that is 100%, and there’s absolutely no Atara (the upper part of the prayer shawl). There are also stripes, and the lining is silk. You can pick tzizit of your selection with some of our accessories.

  • Elegant Tallit
  • Shatnez tested
  • 100% Fine Wool
  • Silk corners as Chabad custom

The Black Striped Lightweight Wool Chabad Tallit Prayer Shawl offers a traditional style with some modern advantages. Heavier shawls tend to fall off of the shoulders easily. The high-quality Pe’er wool makes this Chabad type prayer shawl much easier to handle when worn often. Chabad community affiliates enjoy attire that represents their roots. This shawl does precisely that. Some Jewish individuals prefer the Chabad style. This particular item presents with a silk corner and a look of magnificence. The thick black lines are reminiscent of times gone by. This is the perfect prayer shawl for someone who likes to be traditional while dressing their best. When it is time to choose a prayer shawl, take into consideration the significance of different aspects. Some people are more attached to tradition than others. Weather plays a part in what type of prayer shall you need, as well. Warmer climates call for more lightweight materials. Different kinds of wool perform better in the heat or cold. The Chabad Tallit Prayer Shawl has some wonderfully warm weather properties and positive aesthetic aspects.

  • Lightweight Wool
  • Tasteful silk accents
  • Traditional thick, black, lines
  • Stays on your shoulders

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1 review for Chabad Tallit [The original] Lubavitch Tallit

  1. itamar ben dor

    The prayer shawl is made according to Chabad rules.
    The corners with a combination of wool and silk.

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