Havdalah Set - Havdalah Candle Holders

At Mount Sinai, we, all the people of Israel, heard the command: “Remember the Sabbath day for their holiness,” and interpreted sages that we need to do Kiddush on entering Sabbath and Havdalah on ending Shabbat, And both have to do with a glass of wine.

Rabbi Nachman of Braslav said that the Hidur of a cup of kiddush (and Havdalah) is a virtue of riches. and as all of the residuals of mitzvot, such as buying an elegant and glorious Havdalah set for the Mitzvah of the G-d, show how much one appreciates and believes in the power of G-d Mitzvot. And there is also A virtue of physical blessing, which accompanies the spiritual reward of the Mitzvah itself

Havdalah set consists of 4 parts:

  1. A fancy glass of wine
  2. Decorated candle holder
  3. perfume tool
  4. Upscale saucer in the same shades where the cup, candle, and perfume can be placed.

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