Jewish Jewelry & Israeli Jewelry

Jewish Jewelry & Israeli Jewelry

Jewish Jewelry takes in a creative charm on its own. This specific style wonderfully unifies ancient belief with modern trends in fashion. Once you get to the roof of a theme, you’ll find it symbolizes a religious or sacred stance wonderfully nurtured from ages as a traditional blessing which indicates wellbeing.

Expressions of symbols and holy language are usually integrated into many cultures of the world; however, the Jews artistic prowess seems decisively rooted in these. Conventionally, as also from the angle of fashion and newest styles, Jewish designs are immensely popular. Much of the styles have become distinct segment with use of Hebrew signs, motif and language appeal all over the world.

Artistic pieces of adornments have been attracting many people for centuries. Maybe, people found such accessories as the most excellent way to be in physical touches of sacred convictions and protective powers. Jewelers in Israel have developed a different individuality of their styles over the centuries and adeptly carved a place for their art as trend-setter. The reasons are their capability to combine with changing fashion in decades to be in style always.

A glance in prominent styles will give you a notion of why their jewelry is always very inspiring. Take the trendy Judaic style made on prominent symbols of human being well-being. This ancient faith happens to be a sign of the Hanukkah or Menorah or the decorative candle stand that is thought to have wandered with Jews after the exodus from the land in ancient days.

Jewelry Meaning in the Jewish Tradition

·         Hamsa

The Hamsa hand or Hamesh hand is a common motif in Jewish jewelry. Often, Arab cultures refer to it as the Hand of Fatima. This represents the Hand of God. The Hamsa serves as an ancient talismanic way of preventing the evil eye and offering a protecting hand. This motif often appears in stylized shape, as a hand that has three fingers raised, and often with two thumbs symmetrically arranged. The symbol typically utilized in charms, amulets, jewelry, cars, door entrances as well as other places to steer away from the evil eye.

The origin of Hamsa is thought to predate Islam. The symbol was utilized in Punic religion before, where it was related to Tanit. In Jewish culture and Israel, it is popularly called as Hamsa, with no Islamic heritage implications. Some sources connect the significance of the five fingers to the five books of the Tora.

·         Star of David

This symbol was utilized in the Roman period in Israel; however, it seems to have become related to Judaism in particular just in later centuries. In the seventeenth century, it became a common practice to place the Star of David on the outside of synagogues, to recognize them as Jewish houses of adoration, on the other hand, it isn’t clear why this symbol was chosen for this.

At this point, the Star of David is a generally recognized Jews symbol. You can see it on the flag of Israel.

·         Chai

You might see Chai jewelry advertised and be puzzled as to what’s this signifies so let us explain. Chai in Hebrew means living, and the Hebrew word is composed of two letters, Yud and Chet. Hebrew letters have numerical significance, and the numerical significance of phrase Chai is 18. So, a lot of Jewish people have the custom of giving gift money or charity in multiples of 18, signifying the wish for life. Many will say that the phrase Chai means G-d, as a living G-d, while some say that it signifies Judaism focus on the value of life.

·         Mezuzah

Mezuza is a small case that is affixed to the doorposts and gates of every Jewish home, business, and synagogues. Generally, the case features the Hebrew letter shin inscribe on it that protects parchment scroll, on which adorned two passages from the bible of Hebrews, the V’havta and the Shema Israel.

Each time you pass in a door with a mezuzah on it, you touch it and kiss the fingers which touched it, showing love as well as respect for G-d.

·         Choshen Jewelry

This is Hebrew for breastplate which refers to the breastplate use by the high priest at the time of his service in Holy Temple. The original one was embedded with blue, gold, purple as well as scarlet threads. It was a square, and the edges were equal to the Zereth, a biblical measurement. It had 12 different precious stones set into gold background each embedded with one of the 12 tribes’ name. The Tumim and Urim were put behind the Choshen. The gorgeous pieces of Choshen jewelry are exceptional, eye-catching as well as mystical. They are also perfect for those special someone in your life who seem to have the whole thing.

Many Choices of Jewish Jewelry Available on the Market Today

While Jewish jewelry is likely to be extremely powerful as well as spiritual, which doesn’t mean that it is unappealing? There are some outstanding jewelry designers out there who specialize in making Hebrew rings, pendants, bracelets, and other items with Jewish themes, and they come up with beautiful and superb pieces of art. These pieces are so good-looking that people from other faiths also purchase them to wear.

Top Jewish Jewelry Amongst Jewelry Fanatics

There are lots of amazing and one of a kind pieces of Jewish Jewelry available on the market at this point, from personalized necklaces bearings one’s name, Hamsa necklaces to give protection from the evil eye, rings inscribed with Biblical or modern Hebrew words as well as symbolic Israeli Army items, to name but a few.

As with all things in Judaism, Jewish Jewelry also has meaning. They are, not like the traditional jewelry, deeply symbolic, extremely significant as well as inextricably connected to Jewish tradition. Before buying a piece of Jewish Jewelry,  rather than choosing exclusively by beauty, make it a significant gift by also exploring the meaning behind the item. Let us help you with a few of the Jewish motifs you may find in an online and offline market today.

ü  Mezuzah Pendant

This is a small version of the amulets hung by Jewish people on their doorposts. This jewelry signifies the idea that G-d is always present in our lives; he watches over the people who live where this jewelry is hung wherever they might be. Giving a mezuzah pendant to your friend or loved one as a gift is a perfect way of showing the wish which you want the bearer comes to no harm and is watched over anywhere he or she might be.

ü  Star of David pendants

This is regarded as a dominant Jewish symbol. A six-pointed start that is made up of two interlocking triangles, this is displayed on the flag of Israel. This pendant conveys a very strong Jewish individuality and uniqueness. To give such a gift is to hope for the receiver strength in carrying the Jewish flame forward.

ü  Menora Pendants

These are representative of the brave and epic Maccabees who fought against the Greeks to protect and defend Judaism for the many years to come. This pendant arouses a sense of pride in its depiction and symbol of redemption and sovereignty of Jewish. This is a real symbol of Jewish hope. One may need to give such a pendant to those who do a good deal of work which can be recognized as being a part of the Jewish people responsibility of being a light unto the nations.

ü  Israeli Army Pendants

This is considered one of the most popular types of Jewish Jewelry. These are based on items utilized by the Israeli armed forces. The concept of needing to purchase a gift for that young or perhaps not so young man need not puzzle you. One of these original necklaces is sure to bump you up many notches in his books.

ü  Personalized Necklaces

These are a really special way of treating a loved one or yourself as well. Personalized necklaces can be made from an array of materials and are made with the name you ask or request. This is a genuinely original piece which can just be worn by the name bearer and as standard at this point as they were when they first go off onto the market in the 80s.

ü  Ana Bekoach

This is a type of prayer that was written a great Kabbalist, Rabbi Nehumia Ben Hakannah and had the forty-two names of God. This prayer is consist of seven lines with only six words in every line. The first letter of each of these words is taken to make a forty-two letter name. At this point, this prayer has turned out to be extremely common and is found in the Mincha and Shacharit prayers. Hebrew jewelry made through incorporating the Ana Bekoach jewelry is trendy. Wearing these types of Jewish jewelry makes a person energetic and at the same time helps them look for a positive outlook in life.

ü  Evil Jewelry

It is not just to the Jews, but also the non-Jews which covet this type of Jewish jewelry. Evil Jewellery is often embedded with the seventy-two names of God or the unique combination of letters which are comprised of the three verses from Exodus book. Popularly known as ain-bet hashemot, these are recognized to carry encrypted messages which hold the secret to addressing difficulties in life.  This jewelry comes in different combinations, and the wearer can pick from a combination of letters which is needed.

The essential blend of letters can look after the wearer from evil eye as well as bad spirits, promise prosperity, and promote intimacy and companionship. A lot of Jewish also wear this jewelry for good health. As earlier said, you can either pick from the simple silver or the one that is made from five metals.

Where to Buy Real and Genuine Jewish Jewelry

Jewish jewelry is remarkable presents to give you love and care about. If this is the case, buying the units can be hard and complicated most essentially if you do not have the right information. To help you out here are some of the tips on how to buy Jewish Jewelry.

·         Religious Stores Online

There are lots of religious stores online that offer various kinds of religious jewelry including Jewish jewelry. The best thing about these stores is that they have extensive selections of pieces of silver to choose from. They come in various styles and materials. Some offer free delivery if you buy more than one items. You are assured that the products are of high-quality.

·         Offline Store

There are also physical stores that offer this kind of jewelry. The best thing about them is that you can check and try the product before purchasing.

·         Avoid prestige names

While reputable jewelry stores spend a lot of money and time in making sure that they have high-quality units, usually the units are costly.

According to professionals, the jewelry is likely to be luxurious only because the brand name has been added on it. Like for instance, a company can pick just an ordinary silver Jewish jewelry bracelet and add its name and sell it at a price of over fifty percent of the original price.

To avoid spending much money than essential, you should keep away from buying branded jewelry. You should also stay away from buying from multinational stores; this is because they tend to be expensive. To be on the safe side, you should purchase from local stores-but you must make sure that they are trustworthy.


People are searching for exceptional jewelry which both expresses their belief and has a compelling mystical element often turn to wear as well as collecting Jewish Jewelry. Through Kabbalah and Jewish jewelry, men and women can show their feelings on their God as well as improve their spiritual side. There is an extraordinarily vast selection of Jewish jewelry and Judaica jewelry to give each person the blessing and divine inspiration he needs.


In general, Jewish jewelry represents vital historical events as well as Kabbalistic numbers. The five fingers of Hamsa, the 6 points of the Star of David as well as the seven candlesticks of the menorah, all are intended to remind believers of Jewish of their tradition and faith. In short, Jewish jewelry in the form of charm bracelets, silver necklaces, as well as only one of its kind talismans makes a significant presence. It is hope for the future, built in the historical shapes of wisdom.