Kiddush Cups

Kiddush Cups

The Kiddush Cup is the main item used in a Jewish religious ceremony called Kiddush. Kiddush is a Hebrew word meaning sanctification, and it is a blessing recited over wine or grape juice. The act of Kiddush is the act of sanctification of the Jewish Sabbath or Festival. The cup used in the Kiddush ceremony is a specially set-aside goblet.

Kiddush cups are one of the iconic pieces created by the Jewish people. These cups are one of the essential things that a particular Jewish family should have in their home. A home will not be considered as a Jewish home without at least a single piece of Kiddush cup. Jewish people are celebrating several Jewish festivals that require the need to have some Kiddush cups. These kinds of Jewish festivals include the lifecycle events of the Jewish people such as the brit mila or the circumcision, wedding ceremonies, and blessings of the Jewish house.


Kiddush cup is also referred to as the Jewish wine goblet that is usually being used by the Jewish people during Shabbat or Sabbath. Every nighttime of Friday, the different types of Kiddush cups are being filled with wine. The wine that fills up the Kiddush cup specifically comes from Israel. The wine from Israel is the drink at the start of the Sabbath or Shabbat. 

What Does the Word Kiddush Means

The Jewish people are defining the word Kiddush as the sanctification. The sanctification or the Kiddush is also referred to the kind of ceremony that is usually being held at the very start of the festivals celebrated by the Jewish people. It is also celebrated during the recitation of the Shema prayer while drinking the loaves of challah before the meals of every Jewish festivals such as the Shabbat or Sabbath. When Jewish people do some Kiddush, they are required to do some holy things such as the lekaddesh or mundane. After drinking the wine in the Kiddush cups, the Jewish people will now share their wine with the other Jewish people present. The Kiddush cup that was used for the previous Jewish holidays, and the Jewish family who used it can use the Kiddush cup again when the Shabbat is finished or during the Havdalah.


At the previous years, the Kiddush cups are usually made up of either silver or gold. The Kiddush cups also have some decorations of fruit images. These fruits will be grapes that will serve as the representative of the wine. Sometimes, birds and animals are also being decorated in the Kiddush cups. Some of the Kiddush cups usually have some biblical parchment or the owner of the Kiddush cup written on it. The Kiddush cups can also be passed by from a certain generation to another generation of the family. This will serve as the heirloom of the family when transferring the Kiddush cup from generation to generation. It should have a Bat Mitzvah if the receiver is female and a Bar Mitzvah if the receiver is male. 

Shabbat Kiddush Cups

The Kiddush cups used by the Jewish people usually vary from several forms and sizes, and these Kiddush cups can also be made up using different materials. But silver and gold are the usual raw material for creating a specific Kiddush cup. The minimum size of the Kiddush cup is a crucial factor that must be considered on creating a Jewish wine cup. The cup of the Jewish people or the Kiddush cup usually have the size of 4 ½ ounces. The Kiddush cup or the Jewish wine cup should not be made up of any disposable materials such as paper cups since paper cups should not be created as the Kiddush cup or the Jewish wine cup.

A broken, chipped or malformed Kiddush cup can no longer be considered as the Jewish wine cup. The Jewish wine cup should be complete and should not be damaged or broken. Through this reason, the Jewish wine cup should be handled with care, and to determine if the Kiddush cup you are buying does not have any defects or damage before receiving the blessings from the Kabalat Shabbat.

Wine for Kiddush

The Jewish wine cups or the Kiddush cups can be filled with any wine, but the rules for the wine should be provided. There are two rules for the wine that can be filled in the Kiddush cup or the Jewish wine cup. The following are the two rules for the wine before putting it inside the Kiddush cup.

Shabbat Cups or the Kiddush Cups Must be Filled with Fresh Wines

You cannot ever fill the Kiddush cup or the Shabbat cup when an individual already sipped the wine. The wine you should put in the Kiddush cups or Shabbat cups should be deemed and tainted. For a Jewish individual who uses ordinary wines, it should be mixed with the untainted wine before filling it in the Kiddush cups or Shabbat cups. Even a drop of untainted wine is enough to be mixed in the regular wine. If you don’t have any wine in your place, or the type of wine you kept for so long is not a Kosher, the fresh juice of the grapes can also be used as an alternative to the kosher wine and is okay to fill the Shabbat cups or the Kiddush cups.

Wines Should not be a Libation Wine


In the previous years, the wines are being offered to the deities who are the pagans. The wine was sacred from the previous years, since then, you should handle the wine of yours with gentleness or with care, or unless it is a type of Mevushal wine or the so-called uncooked or fresh wine. The Kiddush cups or the Shabbat cups can also be filled with the other types of wine, either cooked or not, as long as the box or the bottle of the wine is kept sealed and protected from the several elements. 

What are the Kiddush Basics?

As stated in Exodus 20:8, “Remember the Shabbat day to sanctify it.” That is the verse that you can find in the Hebrew Bible or the Torah. This verse will command a certain Jewish people to sanctify one of the Jewish holidays which are the Sabbath or Shabbath when it gets inside the Kiddush and when it already departed in the Havdalah.  The so-called ages or the Jewish people that are veteran on the traditions and cultures of the Jewish people must be presented with a cup of fresh juice of grape or a type of wine which is Kosher. The Sages also stated that the Kiddush must be recited with wine before starting the Sabbath meal during morning or daytime.

Do you have any idea about the basic Kiddush ceremony that is being celebrated by the Jewish people? If you don’t have yet, keep on reading this article, for it will give you some information about the Kiddush basic ceremonies.

Eating or drinking before starting the ceremony of Kiddush is very forbidden and restricted. The restriction will usually start during the sunset in the Friday evening and will end after the prayer of Shacharit that will happen during the next morning of Sabbath or Shabbat. If the wine is not available at your place, you can still celebrate the Kiddush ceremony through the use of challah or with the use of matzah or with the two loaves of bread.

In the previous years of the Jewish people, the wines are being used more often as an offering for their idols. Since the pagans are the majority of the overwhelming non-Jewish people, and it is also believed that giving some things as an offering to the person you are being idolized is being forbidden for them, the Rabbis will also restrict the drinking of the wines that come from the hands of the non-Jewish people. It is because they are threatened and they think that the wines given to them by the non-Jewish people are just a form of an offering to their deities. This kind of rule that is only being applied to the consumption of all the types of wine, not just even the Kiddush that is usually extending to the usage of fresh grape juice as an alternative to the Kiddush or wine. But this kind of rule is also not being applied to the wine that is uncooked or to the grape juice that is also uncooked or the so-called mevushal since the uncooked wine or grape juice is not suitable to the libation of Kiddush basics.

The type of wine that came from the hands of the non-Jewish people but is still sealed or protected will always be considered as a kosher even though the wine or the grape juice was uncooked. Almost all of the kosher type of wine is available in the stores in the United States or America. But these kosher type of wine sold in the US are not yet cooked or still considered as mevushal. Keep in mind that you should check its label before purchasing to avoid scam. A particular wine or juice of the grape that was being already sipped by a Jewish person will be defined as a tainted wine, but the rest of the sipped wine or grape juice will not anymore be used for the Kiddush anymore. You can only use the tainted wine for the Kiddush if it is mixed with just a little amount of untainted wine.

Before using a Kiddush cup, it must be complete and washed. The Jewish people need to wash or to rinse the Kiddush cup because if they don’t, it is a sign of disrespecting the holy day of Sabbath. The Jewish wine cup must be filled to its brim with the grape juice if the wine is not available. The Jewish wine cup is being held using the left hand of the Jewish person if he or she is right-handed. When the Kiddush ceremony started, the Jewish people are always required to glance at the candles that were being used in the Sabbath ceremony. Jewish people are also required to glace at the grape juice or wine when they are reciting the Hagafen.

The Vayechulu or the first verse of the Kiddush ceremony must be said by the Jewish people aloud while they are standing. The other verses of the Kiddush ceremony, even if it is a type of nighttime or daytime Kiddush, it might be recited aloud while standing or sitting. It will always vary whether you will recite the Kiddush while you are sitting or standing to the custom of the community you are living or to the custom of the family you belong to. When the Kiddush ceremony is finished, the Jewish person who recited the Kiddush verses is required to drink for about 1.50 ounces of the juice of the grape or wine. And the rest of the Jewish people who also attend the Kiddush ceremony are also required to take a sip of the grape juice or wine.

After conducting the Kiddush ceremony, the Jewish people must follow a specific rule. They need to take a meal that consists of some loaves of bread if you don’t have the idea about the things that you can do if the loaves of bread are not available and the type of bread that you can eat for the Kiddush ceremony keep on reading this article.

Wine Before You Dine

For the Jewish people fulfill the several passages that the Kiddush ceremony has the Sabbath will give some words to ponder when you are drinking a cup of rich wine. These words to ponder that the Sabbath Jewish holiday gave to the Jewish people goes something like this, “Remember the Shabbat day to sanctify it.”

The Jewish people are calling this kind of verses as the Kiddush, the drinks and words that need to undergo some rituals. This will help the Jewish people to have a stronger connection with their fellow Jews and with their God. The Kiddush ritual is essential and considered as the enchanted verses, that is why many Jewish people are required to perform it day by day through several different forms. The Kiddush rituals are designed to be the kickoff for the Sabbath meals, whether daytime or nighttime.

The Kiddush verses that are being performed during nighttime contain three different parts. The first part is the first three verses that you can get from the Genesis that emphasize how their God take a rest and sanctify the day 7. The second part will perform wine blessings. And the last part of the Kiddush verses will be the giving thanks to God for giving them the day of Sabbath.

How to Do the Kiddush Ceremony

To do the Kiddush ceremony, the Jewish people need to sing the Shalom Aleichem that you can only do in the Friday evening. This is being done for the Sabbath angels to be welcomed by the Jewish people and also to welcome the Woman of Valor. The second step is that you are required to wash the Jewish wine cup or the Kiddush cup with the clean water before filling the brim with the grape juice or the kosher type of wine.

The next step after washing the Jewish wine cup or the Kiddush cup, you need to take all the Jewish people to stand up around the table for Sabbath. After that, move the Kiddush cup that is filled with the grape juice or the kosher type of wine using your left hand, if you are right-handed, and your right hand if you are left-handed. After raising the Jewish wine cup, you can now perform the Kiddush verses loudly.

When the night of Friday comes, you need to say aloud the first four words of the Kiddush verses while taking a glance to the Sabbath candles. After that, you can now take a look at the wine inside the Kiddush cup and say the words of the wine blessings. And the rest of the Jewish people are required to answer “amen” as their conclusion to the wine blessings. Then the representative of the Jewish people who also recite the Kiddush verses is in need to drink the wine for at least 1 and a half ounces because the rest of the Jewish people are also in need to take a sip even in just a little amount.

Technical Details


The preferable drink that a particular Jewish person needs to have is wine. However, it is okay to use the kosher juice of grape if the wine is not available at your place or near you. You are also required to not to drink nor eat before conducting the Kiddush ceremony or before saying the Kiddush verses. The Kiddush ceremony will start from the sunset of the Friday evening, and it will end on the next day which is being called as the morning for Sabbath. If both of the wine or the kosher juice of grape are unavailable at your place, you can still perform the Kiddush ceremony with the use of bread or challah. But to do this, you need to turn the wine blessing to the bread blessing. Also, don’t forget to rinse your hands before performing the Kiddush. Once the wine for the Kiddush ceremony has been sip by the person, it should not use as the wine for the Kiddush anymore unless a fresh cup of wine is mixed on it. 

Kinds of Kiddush cups

There are countless styles of Kiddush cups on the market today. Some Judaica stores supply wooden, silver, glass goblets in traditional, contemporary and modern designs. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find a match Silver Kiddush Cup – A Must Have

The Hebrew word for sanctification, Kiddush is one of the most sacred rituals in the Jewish culture which observed with great respect and admiration. Those who attend the ceremony feel proud of their heritage and find them fortunate to be an active participant in it. Kiddush cups are an integral and inevitable part of this ceremony. They are not merely cups but symbols of faith, love, respect, and honor. These cups are available in different materials and designs and are in much demand.

A mandatory item  in every Jewish home

The presence of the cup is a must in every Jewish synagogue and in every Jewish home too. There are numbers of events to celebrate in the Jewish calendar. Whether it is the holy Shabbat, the Bat Mitzvah, any wedding ceremony or other high holidays, the kiddush cups are the very first significant gifts to adorn any of these ceremonies and find extensive use in almost every one of them. These cups are made up of metals as well as of excellent materials like glass and ceramic.

It is silver which usually used in the production of metal kiddush cups. Silver kiddush cups are widely used nowadays because they are highly fashionable and colorful.

Silver kiddush cups

The sterling silver cups have a unique and exquisite design. After all when they are so highly Esteemed in the Jewish culture and related with the auspicious blessings, one must make sure that they are of exceptional quality since it is not for once that these Kiddush Cups purchased, but they remain in the family as relished heirlooms which are passed down from generations to generations. The sterling silver Kiddush Cup designed in a specific manner meant for special occasions. One such item is the wedding kiddush cup which is ornamented marvelously depicting a wedding scene accompanied with words of congratulations inscribed on it.

Wine Dividers

The wine dividers are other beautiful items used in Shabbat. The wine dividers presented in beautiful forms. They are fabricated with precious metals like silver and nickel and ornamented magnificently in various shapes and sizes. These dividers are either supported on legs or have plates attached to them. The basic structure of the dividers has one big cup placed at the center surrounded by eight small ones.

The elegance of the silver Kiddush cups and the charming wine dividers is a rarity and possess a uniqueness that lasts long. Every home should have these precious items as their mere presence marks the grandeur and brilliance of the Jewish culture.



Overall, the Kiddush cup refers to the Jewish wine cup that is being used by the Jewish people during a number of Jewish holidays such as Shabbat or also called as Sabbath. The Kiddush cups are usually made with different raw materials but silver and gold are the most common. You can also add some fruit design on its side as the representation of the fresh grape juice.