Kiddush Cups

Kiddush Cups

The Kiddush Cup is the main item used in a Jewish religious ceremony called Kiddush. Kiddush is a Hebrew word meaning sanctification, and it is a blessing recited over wine or grape juice. The act of Kiddush is the act of sanctification of the Jewish Sabbath or Festival. The cup used in the Kiddush ceremony is a specially set-aside goblet.

Kinds of Kiddush cups

There are countless styles of Kiddush cups on the market today. Some Judaica stores supply wooden, silver, glass goblets in traditional, contemporary and modern designs. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find a match Silver Kiddush Cup – A Must Have

The Hebrew word for sanctification, Kiddush is one of the most sacred rituals in the Jewish culture which observed with great respect and admiration. Those who attend the ceremony feel proud of their heritage and find them fortunate to be an active participant in it. Kiddush cups are an integral and inevitable part of this ceremony. They are not merely cups but symbols of faith, love, respect, and honor. These cups are available in different materials and designs and are in much demand.

A mandatory item  in every Jewish home

The presence of the cup is a must in every Jewish synagogue and in every Jewish home too. There are numbers of events to celebrate in the Jewish calendar. Whether it is the holy Shabbat, the Bat Mitzvah, any wedding ceremony or other high holidays, the kiddush cups are the very first significant gifts to adorn any of these ceremonies and find extensive use in almost every one of them. These cups are made up of metals as well as of excellent materials like glass and ceramic.

It is silver which usually used in the production of metal kiddush cups. Silver kiddush cups are widely used nowadays because they are highly fashionable and colorful.

Silver kiddush cups

The sterling silver cups have a unique and exquisite design. After all when they are so highly Esteemed in the Jewish culture and related with the auspicious blessings, one must make sure that they are of exceptional quality since it is not for once that these Kiddush Cups purchased, but they remain in the family as relished heirlooms which are passed down from generations to generations. The sterling silver Kiddush Cup designed in a specific manner meant for special occasions. One such item is the wedding kiddush cup which is ornamented marvelously depicting a wedding scene accompanied with words of congratulations inscribed on it.

Wine Dividers

The wine dividers are other beautiful items used in Shabbat. The wine dividers presented in beautiful forms. They are fabricated with precious metals like silver and nickel and ornamented magnificently in various shapes and sizes. These dividers are either supported on legs or have plates attached to them. The basic structure of the dividers has one big cup placed at the center surrounded by eight small ones.

The elegance of the silver Kiddush cups and the charming wine dividers is a rarity and possess a uniqueness that lasts long. Every home should have these precious items as their mere presence marks the grandeur and brilliance of the Jewish culture.