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Mezuzahs – Standing in your doorstep, the mezuzah as the first item people notice when people arrive at your residence. We believe it ought to be as amazing as the rest of your decor, therefore we’ve compiled a distinctive choice of cases from a number of the most gifted artists of Israel. Choose from a variety of bits from the favorite designers of Israel now, and bring new beauty!

The Mezuzah is a complex and early object. No less than four million, six hundred and laws are governing the preparation of the Mezuzah. An instance is deserved by an individual record, and we take to pick from. Sadly, with scrolls which are invalid, the market was flooded in recent decades. Buying from dealers is necessary. Be sure the scroll carries a certificate confirming that it meets specifications of law. Each one of the wide assortment of quality scrolls of Judaica is prepared by law and contains a certificate.

Our satisfied clients include the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and major Israeli companies like Beck Communication. His servants, we, sit inside our houses and He protects us from outside which we affix to every room’s entry. We kiss it once we leave and once we enter and we’re sheltered with His defense. The soldiers were convinced by these words that are heartfelt that they became a disciple of Onkelos and transformed. Jews have always admired the parchment with an attractive case that adds beauty. Enclosing the scroll is a reflection of our consciousness of the significance of the Mitzvah and its message that is vibrant.

It’s a parchment scroll on which are inscribed verses that are specific. This inserted and wrapped into a situation that affixed to each room in the house on the side of the entrance within the third. It’s an expression of devotion and a Jew’s identity as well as his faith in the trustful protection of the G-d. Many once they enter a space, touch it and kiss their fingers – a reminder of the Divine presence.
At we have got a room where scribes ply their craft that is ancient with ink and quills, on parchment. The words are written using the techniques for creating these Mezuzah Scrolls controlled. We invite you to browse through the collection of instances of You’ll find something for taste and every pocket. Sizes range from the small. For anyone who has a limited budget, a massive ion is of cases in various shades and colors. If you’re seeking an exclusive design, inspect the choice of examples designed by Judaica artists like Doris Judaica, Caesaria Arts, Suzuki or Adina Plastelina to name but a few. Our line of instances with children’s styles. You will see that most cases have the Hebrew letter shin.

Others incorporate other themes that are Jewish – pictures of Jerusalem, Blessing for the High Priest’s Breastplate or the House. When Hadrian found that he had been betrayed by his nephew, he was angry.

He also sent a group of soldiers to bring him. The pure, sincere and heart words of Onkelos created a profound impression on them that they converted to Judaism. The emperor sent another group of soldiers and they too overcome from the spirit of Onkelos.

In desperation, Hadrian delivered a set of soldiers. They obeyed but as they headed Onkelos in chains from his home and saw the way he kissed the mezuzah, they couldn’t resist asking him in astonishment to explain why he was so happy when he was being led to a certain death.