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Shabbat Candlesticks

Welcome to our shop where you can find a wide selection of the best Shabbat candlesticks. Here you can buy beautiful Shabbat candlesticks available at different prices and styles. We have modern and traditional styles available in silver, brass, and other materials.

Sabbath is the day of the rest in the Jewish calendar. In the long days of the week, the Sabbath is the day when we can take refuge before the week starts again. It is the end and the start of our weekly cycle. When this day arrives, we take in ritual observance and pray. In observing the Sabbath, the lighting of the candles plays a crucial part in the event.

On that note, you might want to gift a new set of candlesticks for your family or friends. In this shop, you find a large selection of the best Shabbat candleholders. There are vintage, traditional, and modern options, each crafted to become an iconic piece to complete the rest of your Shabbat candlesticks set.

The Shabbat

The Shabbat is another name used for the Sabbath, the rest day. It is also the name of the weekly Jewish ritual observed every Friday evening until sundown on Saturday. On Shabbat, all Jews from across the world stop to reflect upon their week. They spend time with family and friends as well as attend the synagogue.

This time is unique for everyone as a day to rest and reflect on the things you have done for the rest of the week, with school, work, and other things. In Judaism, there are plenty of moments where everyone observes a special ceremony about arrival and departure. It is in this ceremony that Shabbat candles play an important role.

What Does Shabbat Candles Mean?

Candles have symbolic meaning in Jewish culture and religion. It is used in a wide array of religious occasions including Shabbat. In Judaism, candles represent a variety of purposes. The Jewish often regards the candlelight as a reminder of the divine presence of God. As such, they light candles during Jewish holidays as well as during Shabbat to remind everyone of the holiness of the occasion.

It is also a reminder that those occasions are different from everyday activities and remind them to observe their significance. The candles used in Shabbat are either wax or oil, which burns long enough into the night. The custom predominantly requires two candles lit that reminds of the biblical requirements to shamor v’zachor, which is to “keep” and “remember” the Sabbath. The two candles also represent the kavod and Oneg Shabbat to honor and enjoy the day.

The Talmud explains the significance of candlelight Shabbat in saying that there is no peace without light for without it, people will be continually tumbling in the dark. Jewish tradition also regards the candle’s flame as a symbolic representation of the human soul as well as the beauty and fragility of life. The candles breathe and strive in darkness just like people’s soul, and the flickering reminds people of how precious their life is.

Candles also equate with joy, honor, and gladness in Judaism. Besides the two candles, there is also an additional candle for every child in the family. Shabbat is one of the most important occasions in the culture of Jewish people. We usher its sanctity by lighting candles to bring peace, light, and warm to our homes. As such, Shabbat candles are a popular gift for the birth of a child, weddings, and other joyous celebrations.

Lighting of the Shabbat Candles

The lighting of the Shabbat candles is an essential procedure in the observance of Shabbat. It is generally carried out by the matriarch of the house unless there is no woman. Often, they use candlesticks or candle holders t0o increase the warmth of the candles. As an essential part of the celebration, the lighting of the candles has steps to follow in observing the Shabbat formally at home.

The exact time when the woman lights the candles varies depending on the time when the sun sets. The customary time to light the candles is up to 18 minutes before sunset. However, the earliest time it can be lit is around one hour and fifteen minutes before sunset. If the woman cannot meet the traditional 18-minute limit, she can light the candles during the 18 minutes immediately before sunset.

No one can light the candle after Shabbat has already begun even if the matriarch could not light the candle on time. Handling a flame when the Shabbat already started is desecration and therefore, forbidden.  When the Shabbat is a holiday or followed by a holiday, the candles have to be lit after nightfall. As mentioned before, you can light more than two candles. You can add one more for every child in the family.

After lighting a specific number, it is part of the custom never to reduce that number. For students away from their home, they must light the candles themselves. It is because they are no longer within the household of their parents. The lighting of the candles is an essential part of the Jewish Shabbat tradition. Shabbat is perhaps the most popular Jewish practice and the reason for the popularity of all kinds of Shabbat candlesticks.

Women are usually the ones who light the candles, as they are the mainstays of the home. However, the mitzvah of lighting the Shabbat candles is an obligation in every household. Therefore, the man of the house may light the candles if there is no woman to present the light. If a young girl can also understand the importance of the Shabbat and capable of saying the blessing, then she must already kindle her flame.

Sometimes, women and single girls light only one candle. When they marry, women begin to light two, and there is the custom of lighting one candle for every child in the family. Usually, the women light the candle on or near the table where she will serve the Shabbat dinner. The light of the candles symbolizes the addition of light and joy brought by the Shabbat. The tradition does not only include lightening the candles but also blessing it.

Buying Shabbat Candlesticks

With the lighting of the Shabbat candles being an age-old tradition, not to mention a mitzvah or a commandment exclusive to women, it goes to say that women would take this obligation so seriously. It is not only about choosing the candles, but many women also take serious consideration on the candle holders they use.

On that regard, you can find many variations of Shabbat candlesticks now available in many shops, including ours. They come in attractive styles such as modern, vintage, and traditional, each with a lovely design that every single or married Jewish woman will surely like. They are an excellent gift for yourself and others, especially for a Bat Mitzvah or a wedding.

Traditional Candlesticks

Little girls’ heroes are often their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. They are the women who inspire us when we grow older. With that, it is no wonder that the girls in the family would also want their candlesticks to be the same classic style as their moms. It is no wonder then that the traditional Shabbat candlesticks are a popular choice.

Modern and Compact Candlesticks

These days, women are more on the go, and so you can expect them to love Shabbat candlesticks that speak of their jet-setter personality. Before, it is not easy to find the perfect candle holder to bring with you while traveling. Fortunately, you can now find amazing Shabbat candlesticks in modern style and compact size, candleholders that stand out and perfect for an out of town get-away.

Jerusalem Candlesticks

The Jerusalem candlesticks are a popular type of Shabbat candleholders design with the capital city of Israel. Jerusalem is a city full of history, and that makes the candlesticks easily close to women’s hearts. Anyone, man or woman, will find these candlesticks a fantastic choice. A woman who has a Jerusalem candlestick will surely cherish it.

Standout Modern Candlesticks

Some women, especially artists, like unique candlesticks. In that case, modern candlesticks are perfect for them.  These candlesticks are sure to stand out with their unique design and vibrant colors. They are great if you want to make a statement and to give as a gift. Some of the most common designs for modern Shabbat candlesticks include the Star of David and the Jerusalem skyline.

Fashionable Candlesticks

Fashionable candlesticks are perfect for the women who love shopping, try new styles, get dressed or active Instagram user. Fashion Shabbat candlesticks are Instagram worthy with their striking features and daring shapes. You can find many in our shop in interesting shapes and colors with timeless designs.

High-Quality, Stylish Shabbat Candlesticks

As mentioned before, there are plenty of Shabbat candlestick designs you can choose from d we are proud to say we have them all. In our shop, you can see gorgeous Shabbat candleholders with standout designs made from high-quality materials. They come in classic, modern, portable, and fashion styles.

They are also available in various materials such as nickel, brass, and pomegranate plaque. They are ornately designed, which will capture the attention of anyone who sees them. The best thing about our Shabbat candlesticks is they are perfect as a gift to your family and friends. If you are going for a Bat Mitzvah, a birthday or a wedding, you can bring a candlestick from us as a gift.

We can guarantee that anyone who will receive your gift will feel pleased. Any woman will want to have a beautiful candleholder to bring out every time they light a candle for Shabbat. As this tradition is one of the most important customs of the Jewish people and the primary responsibility of the women, it goes to say they would want to have the best Shabbat candlestick.

On that note, rest assured that our shop will bring you the biggest selection of the premium candleholders. You can browse through our site and look around for available candlesticks. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always send us a message, and we will help you. We are eager to help make your Shabbat celebration a memorable one every day.