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The Tallit, the ultimate Jewish garment.

The tallit (prayer shawl) is a square garment, made according to Jewish law. The talit has four wings; each wing has a tzitzis. In the Torah, HaShem commands men of the Jewish people to wear a garment with four wings, and four tzitzits, one tzitzit for each corner (wing).

What is the difference between a Tzitzis and a Tallit?

The mitzvah of tzitzis divided into two parts: one is a tallit katan (small tallit), and the other is a talit gadol (big talit). The tallit we are presenting here is the tallit gadol. The tallis is worn exclusively by men and comes in a variety of colors and shapes.

Why don’t women wear Tallith?

The reason why men only wear the Tallits (Jewish prayer shawl) is that women according to the Torah and Kabbalah are more spiritually corrected than men, and the mitzvah of tzitzit is intended to correct men’s souls in a way that is, in women, already corrected…

Why is the tallith made of wool?

The Torah instructs the Jewish people to wrap themselves in a tallith (tzitzit), and in the Oral Torah, The Shulchan Aruch says that it is preferable to wrap himself in a woolen Tallit. According to Halachah, it is good to use a tallit made 100% of wool without any mixture of other fibers.

When do you wear the tallit?

The talit is worn almost always in the morning prayer (Shacharit prayer). The talit is worn by men who have reached bar mitzvah age. The Ashkenazi Jews wear the tallit only after they get married. There are special times when men wear a tallit (prayer shawl): during Yom Kippur (also at night time), during Mincha prayer during fasts, and of course, and also Hazzans.

Why are there different types of tallitot?

There are other different types of tallitot, which customarily designed according to Chabad or Yemenite custom, and the rest of the prayer shawls are mainly the same, yet differ in color, and this is already a matter of character and personal taste.

Why wear a tallit and tzitzit?

Hashem, instructs us to wrap ourselves in tzitzis. Rashi says: Tzitzit is equivalent to all the mitzvot. Thus the person remembers his creator and does not sin against HaShem.

Buying a tallit – our recommendation

We first recommend asking a rabbi; your rabbi will guide you if there is a kind of tallit that you need to purchase. If the rabbi told you that you do not have a special custom, you could buy any tallit you wish.

Light blue thread

There are certain opinions today, some in certain Hasidic sects like Ruzhin, who believe that the biblical techeiles is found. You can see in the product pages the option of adding a light blue thread. For other opinions, such as that of Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu (and others who follow the Zohar), it is forbidden to use techeiles thread, because the Zohar says that the techeiles will not be revealed until the coming of the Messiah, and therefore the thread of techeiles today is not the original techeiles.

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