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Tzitzit (Tallit Katan)

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Tzitzit (Tallit Katan or Tzitzits)

In ancient times most of the clothes had four corners. In the past, they would fulfill the mitzvah by tying tzitzits in the four corners of the garment. A tallit katan is made from cotton or wool (or synthetic substances. Wool is a material favored by most Hasidim and Sephardim). a tallit katan is often known just as “tzitzit.”  A tallit katan has a small hole in every corner of the garment in which a thread of woolen tzitzit is threaded. Chassidic Jews have two aligned holes in each corner, a custom based on Chabad (The holes stand against each other.)

Purchasing a Tallit Katan

Whether you’re currently buying tzitzit for the 13’th time or the first time, there are a whole lot of details to know about, such as sizing, fabric, fashion, tzitzit, and koshers.

Tzitzit of all kinds

Tzitzit of all types: Tzitzit fabric, wool tzitzit, vest Tzitzit, DRY FIT and more. High-quality tzitzit and high finish, with patents for comfort and ventilation.

When we must be wearing tzitzis

Although it is not obligatory to wear a Tallit Katan with tzitzits all the time, it is only obligatory to put tzitzit on a garment that has four corners while a person wears it. In any case, the Jewish people used to always wear a Tzitzis.

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