Kiddush Fountain

  • Set of small Kiddush Cups “six on tray” – hammer designs – black rings

    Set of small Kiddush Cups for kiddush, made of Nicole, in rugged texture made by fine handmade hammer blows, in a silver metallic shade, at the bottom of the cups are silver rings, each cup in a different color, the cups come on a silver shaped metallic tray. Suitable for hosting or a multi-child family “Ben Porat Yosef”, gives a fancy and unique look to the Sabbath table

  • Set of small Kiddush Cups “six on tray” – metal cutout – aluminum

    A set of Kiddush Cups, made of metal cutting, smooth texture, with a unique aluminum shade that come on a similar tray, the lower part of the cups has a delicate metal decoration.

  • Set of small Kiddush Cups “six on wood” – pomegranates

    Set of small metal cups, uniquely designed with pomegranate decorations on their backs. It comes with a stand of pomegranate wood, made of metal and gold shades and gold Pomegranate s. Unique and very decorative.


Shabbat night, the whole family is gathered around a Saturday table. The head of the family says the sacred words of Kiddush, indicates the creation of heaven and earth, and our faith in God who redeemed us from Egypt.

When we do sanctification on the Sabbath night, we observe the Mitzvah of God on Mount Sinai, “Remember the Sabbath day” and as Chaza”l say, the Sabbath verses should be remembered on the Sabbath while holding a glass of wine.

As all the mitzvot, we also command the kiddush commandment “Ze Eli Veanvehu” – make the Mitzvah of the Kiddush in a beautiful and adorned cup, just as you can find on this page specially crafted metal kiddush cups.

On this page, you will find sets of a unique handmade artist-made kiddush cup, plus matching small cups, which can be poured from the kiddush cup, and distribute them to the household members and guests on your Sabbath table. The set is An effective solution for a Shabbat table that has many people, and special decorative decoration for your Sabbath table

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