Who was the Moharash?

On the 17th of Shevet, the “Tzadik of Yavne’el” passed away, the Chassid Rabbi Eliezer Shlomo Sheik zt“l.

His youth and his approach to Bratslav Hasidism

Moharash was born in Jerusalem in the Mea She’arim neighborhood on the 21st of Iyar, 5740 to his father, the gaon Rabbi Menachem Ze’ev zt “l. As a young man, he studied in the “Etz Chaim” Torah school in Jerusalem and received the blessing of the Admor Rabbi Aharon of Belz before his Bar Mitzvah. At the age of 16, he approached the Bratslav Hasidism and from then until his departure tried to spread the name and teachings of our holy Rebbe R. Nachman From Breslov.

His special support for every Jew

Moharash would give personal attention to every Jew who approached him, would share his sorrow, hurt his pain and cry for him. If he had a quarrel in the house he would sit for hours and not stop until it was resolved.

A six-hour stretch of snow

His craving for the holy tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav ZA was so difficult to understand, long before the collapse of the Iron Curtain he risked making the way to Uman, under the eyes of the Russian police. Once, about 32 years ago, Moharash traveled to the city of Braslav together with his little son Moshe, where he went to pray on the grave of Rabbi Natan Zia. At the time, there was still no “tent,” but a simple situation covered with frozen snow. Rabbi Moharash knelt on the snow and “prostrated” and lay on the gravestone for six hours in a deep concentration that the human could not absorb. From the coldness of his skin he stuck to the snow, and when he raised his head, his whole forehead dripped blood that stained the snow, and he was elated and Effie did not notice it.

His genius – more than 1,500 pamphlets for strengthening

Moharash was a huge and well-versed genius in all the Talmud Torahs with frightening proficiency, composed tens of thousands of letters of reinforcement and more than 1,500 pamphlets that strengthen the souls of Israel and bring them closer to their Father in heaven and many other books on various subjects. He dealt a great deal with the sanctity of the Jewish youth, and received more than two thousand couples in his life. Was very much loved by the great men of Israel who respected and admired him greatly. The Maharash passed away on 17 Shevat 5765, and with private supervision this date is exactly as the name of Eliezer Shlomo Shik, or R. Eliezer Shlomo ben Menachem Ze’ev.

The will of the tzaddik of Yavniel

“I promise that every single guy, and every single girl who will come here to my graves and finish the entire Book of Psalms from the beginning until the conclusion to my credit, then I will try everything,” he wrote. That only they will be able to find their marriage, and this is a promise stronger than me. “And many have tried and seen salvation. (From “Sparks”)

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