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Challah Boards

Challah boards or tray are important centerpieces of each Sabbath table. Regardless of your preference or choice such as glass, wood or combined materials, you will undoubtedly find the perfect challah board for you.

In these modern days, there are now many online stores and retailers. The Jewish Shop is one of your trusted sources of the leading Jewish and Israeli themed products and accessories and with the highest traffic and sale. This shop has a variety of incredible product offerings

The Jewish Shop takes pride in offering the finest selections of challah boards, and you can find them in almost any style and material that you can imagine. The shop maintains a clean, organizes and fully equipped warehouses, so customers are ensured that they will get authentic and beautifully designed Israeli or Jewish products from a reliable and reputable source.

The following are a variety of Challah boards to choose from:

·         Thick and Non-breaking Challah Board

Thick and non-breaking thick glass challah boards with Yom Tov and Shabbat inscriptions, combined with stunning Vantage decorations in different shades of white and blue and blue.

·         Wooden Challah Boards w/ Stainless Steel Knife, Rimonim

This wooden challah board comes with a stainless steel decorations etched with pomegranate decorations. The Challah tray also comes with unique and durable stainless steel knife as well as stand in the stainless steel legs.

·         Non-breaking Glass Challah Board

This is a thick and non-breaking glass challah tray with Yom Tov and Shabbat inscriptions that are also combined with white, light blue and purple decorations.

·         Blue Shalom Aleichem Challa Board

This Challah board is made up of break-resistant thick glass and blue decorations which are combined with the Shalom Aleichem inscriptions measuring 25×37 centimeters.

You can find these products and many other Jewish items at The Jewish Shop. This is also the most prominent name when it comes to art and designs to give you unparalleled selections of products like challah boards and trays. If you are searching for challah boards and other Jewish products, this shop has what you are searching for. They are pleased to provide products at competitive rates and deliver excellent products as well. The Jewish Shop has the best deals for you.

Each challah board is one of a kind and the most requested exquisite pieces. Every board also has its color combination and stone placement to suit your taste. Shop now and enjoy your own high-quality challah board.


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