Colorful Mezuzah

The mezuzah itself is a parchment made of pure animal skin, that written on it Parshiyot of faith, written by an expert Writer.

The mezuzah is an important commandment we mention several times a day, designed to strengthen our home’s connection to God. And it has the power of godly preservation on the house and its inhabitants, provided that the mezuzah is written according to Halachic grammar and with proper intent.

The Torah teaches; “The Eli Veanyehu” – be beautiful before Me in Mitzvot. which means that all Mitzvot we do, must be done and wrapped in beautiful, high-quality materials, such as the Mezuza-house that you can find on this page; colorful mezuzah from cutting metal or decorative wood, made by an artist-hand

The Sages teach us that there aren’t Material wages in this world for the spiritual mitzvahs themselves) for the magnitude of their spirituality and holiness, but in the other hand for any action of “Hidur mitzvah” or “residue of the mitzvah” (= additions around the mitzvah) In addition to spiritual wages, there is also material wages – a blessing in “Banee Chayey and Mazoni” (= in livelihood, health, and birth) And in Mezuzah mitzvot, there is also a special virtue of blessing from G-d when buying or building a new home

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