Tefillin Accessories

  • Tfidanit – By Tefillin Beit El – Protection for The Tefillin


    Tfidanit – from “Tefillin Beit El” home – Protective bag for tefillin against shocks, bumps, and weather changes by hard plastic and additional protection to prevent moisture from entering. The Tfidanit includes a Tallit bag, a mirror, a place for arranging, a place to write identification information, and can be carried by hand, or on the shoulder by a strap.

  • Tefillin Handmade straps set – black on both two sides

    Size of the straps A total of 7.7 meters – of which: a 4.7-meter hand strap and a 3-meter-long head-band, the thickness of the straps 15 mm.

  • KofsaHod – Tefillin Boxes That Keeps The Tefillin Safe


    Kpshod – a pair of Mehudar Tefillin houses, for excellent maintenance of tefillin from falls and shocks. Suitable for all sizes of Tefillin 31-37 mm. Authorized by the Badatz.

  • Tikfilin – Black/Transparent Tefillin bag


    Tikfilin – very convenient to use and easy to carry and easy with a plastic handle or shoulder strap. An inner storage compartment with Rich-run, an external storage compartment with Rich-run, a place to write identification information. A convenient carrying bag for tallit and tefillin, one side is transparent nylon, a second side is a black cloth, with a convenient plastic handle. Image is for illustration only!

  • Tefillin bag / Tefillin Briefcase – with strap


    Tefillin bag / Tefillin Briefcase Quality suitcase for tefillin and tallit with internal distribution in the large storage area, plus additional cells for internal storage for maximum comfort, suitcase-size – 44X35. The suitcase comes with a strap to carry the suitcase on the shoulder. The suitcase protects against damage and dust and is of high quality. Comes in black color only.

    enough for 2 pairs of Tefillin, a Talit bag, and a siddur.

  • Tefillin Boxes – Gold Colored


    A pair of unique gold-colored tefillin-houses with the inscription “Who is like your people, Israel, a single nation in the world” includes an inner mirror – the size of the houses – 33/34 of your choice.

  • Plastic Tefillin boxes – black – Includes mirror


    Plastic Tefillin boxes – black – Includes mirror

  • Plastic Tefillin boxes – Ivory / Pearl color – Includes mirror


    Plastic Tefillin boxes – Ivory / Pearl color – Includes mirror Plastic tefillin in shades of ivory and gold. The boxes have a mirror.

  • Plastic Tefillin boxes – Silver color- Includes mirror


    Plastic Tefillin boxes – Silver color – Rashi – Includes mirror Silver-plated tefillin boxes, Rashi, the house has a mirror.    

  • Tefillin Marker – Mehudar blck color for Tefillin


    Tefillin Marker – Mehudar black color for Tefillin – “Marker” – under the supervision of Badatz HaEida HaCharedit The color for tefillin – in the shape of a “Marker” – is suitable for the tefillin and for the Tefillin straps, under the supervision of the Badatz Yerushalayim. Before painting, tou must say: “For the sanctity of tefillin” Recommended: After painting, wait 30 seconds and wipe with tissue paper.


On this page, you will find everything you need to make the tefillin that you have bought to Convenient and complete useful:

  • excellent and elegant tefillin boxes
  • a cloth bag or a “Teffidanit” to put the tefillin on when you are not using it.
  • A large, comfortable bag with a handle and shoulder strap, for carrying your prayer shawl and tefillin, your arrangement, and other items when you go to the synagogue in the morning.
  • Black color for a refill and coloring the tefillin if peeled or slightly eroded.

And all the mantle you can help you fulfill the tefillin daily, in a comfortable and Mehudar manner.

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