• Tikfilin – Black/Transparent Tefillin bag


    Tikfilin – very convenient to use and easy to carry and easy with a plastic handle or shoulder strap. An inner storage compartment with Rich-run, an external storage compartment with Rich-run, a place to write identification information. A convenient carrying bag for tallit and tefillin, one side is transparent nylon, a second side is a black cloth, with a convenient plastic handle. Image is for illustration only!

  • Traditional Tallit with Black Stripes – Wool

    • Kosher - Rabbinate of Tel AvivShatnez tested – 100% Fine Wool
    • kosher
    • Made in Israel
    • Made by Mishkan Hatchelet

    Size Chart

  • Travel Shabbat Candlesticks


    Nickel Travel Shabbat candlesticks, Octagon with Blue Enamel 6cm – Candlesticks for Shabbat candles, carefully designed – Shabbat candles, one of the favorite mitzvot of every Jewish woman. Designed by Art Judaica. The product is highly recommended.

  • Undershirt Tzitzit – White Cotton


    The Undershirt Tzitzit comes with Tzitzis threads – Kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Wazner.

  • White Plastic large Mezuzah Case (Gold Shin) 15cm – with Rubber Cork


    White Plastic Mezuzah Case (Gold  Shin) 15cm – with Rubber Cork

  • Wool Tzitzit – 100% Wool Tallit Katan

    • Charedit100% Fine Wool
    • KOSHER – Badatz’s supervision
    • Made in Israel ✡️
    • Manufactured by Mishkan Hatchelet 
  • Wool Tzitzit – Airy Wool Tallit Katan (V-neck)

    • Breathable material
    • Allows for strenuous activities
    • Cool wear for hot days
    • Kosher
    • Shatnez tested
    • 100% Fine Wool
    • Manufactured by Mishkan Hatchelet 
  • Yemenite Tallit (Traditional) with Netted decorate


    Badatz Yoreh De'ahYemenite tallit, decorated in the Yemenite style With ties in the shape of a net on the sides of the Tallit The corners decorated in Yemenite style with silver lines

    • Shatnez tested
    • 100% Fine Wool
    • Kosher – With the approval of “Yoreh De’ah” – Rabbi Mahfod Shlita
    • The Tallit does not come with Tzitzits

    Size Chart


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