Tallit Size Chart

Tallit Size Chart

matching the size of the tallit and the height of the person

feet (height)Cm (height)Inch (height)

The measurements – by Mishkan Hatchelet

Do you want to buy a Tallit? Do not know what size to choose? We have prepared this Tallit Size Chart for you By inches, CM and Fit

Tallit Size Chart

I am sure that you are reading this article because there is an up-coming big day celebration. whether it is a bar mitzvah, wedding or any other major celebration in the lives of your loved ones may require you to have new tallit. And I am sure that you have already searched lots of online stores that are reliable and trusted to purchase your desired color and design of tallit. You found out that its design is excellent and the materials used are high-quality standard. But what about its size? Worry no more! This article will help you on how to choose the right size of tallit that is suitable for you. Keep on reading and enjoy!

There are two different methods that a person has when choosing the tallit that he wants to wear, and these two may affect the size of the tallit that you will need. Let us call them, as the traditional and the shawl.

The traditional method of wearing the tallit is to have a folded or bunched it on the shoulders of the wearer and wrapped over the back and the chest. The yoke or also called as the Atarah will be draped around the neck and the back of the wearer, which leaves the two edges to wrap the front and the entire tallit to wrap the back part of the wearer. This traditional method is considered as the famous style in the synagogues in Orthodox, and it is also famous in other worshiping countries around the globe. This traditional way of wearing the tallit will require you to have more materials and purchase a bigger sized tallit.

The shawl method of wearing the tallit will be wrapped around the shoulders or the back of the person, which leave the four edges wrapped in the front over the elbows or the shoulders. This type of with the tallit-wearing is usually connected to the modern styles and synagogues, but you can also found it with the traditional circles of Orthodox. This style of wearing the tallit only uses a small number of materials. Thus it will require you to purchase smaller sizes of the tallit.

Your trusted and reliable online stores will offer you different sizes f tallitot, the plural term for tallit such as the following;

Size 90: 72” X 84” (180 cm X 210 cm)

Size 80: 68” X 84” (170 cm X 210 cm)

Size 70: 60” X 80” (150 cm X 200 cm)

Size 60: 56” X 76” (140 cm X 190 cm)

Size 55: 52” X 72” (130 cm X 180 cm)

Size 50: 48” X 68” (120 cm X 170 cm)

Size 45: 44” X 64” (110 cm X 160 cm)

Size 36: 36” X 72” (90 cm X 180 cm)

Size 24: 24” X 72” (60 cm X 180 cm)

Size 18: 18” X 72” (45 cm X 180 cm)

Size 36a: 36” X 52” (90 cm X 130 cm)

Size 12: 12” X 42” (30 cm X 105 cm)

Size 8: 8” X 42” (20 cm X 105 cm)

Some of the modern and artistic designs of tallit that you can purchase in many online stores nationwide might not have the non-standard size, but will perfectly fit your desired size. The following are the sizes of artistic tallitot that you can purchase online.

•    Big and tall and supersize: Size 90

•    Large or tall adult: Size 70-80

•    Average adult: Size 55-60

•    Tall bar mitzvah, short adult: Size 45-50

•    Average height bar mitzvah: Size 36

Keep in mind that the tallit sizes chart stated above are meant for general guidelines. Local taste or personal taste may affect the size of the tallit that you want to purchase. But whatever you can purchase at the end, love it and enjoy it!

It is recommended to buy a larger size for the Bar Mitzvah age group

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