Chuppah, also known as chupah, chuppa, or huppah, pertains to the canopy in which Jewish couple stands during their wedding ceremony. This consists of sheet, cloth or a tallit at times supported and stretched over 4 poles. Sometimes, Chuppah Tallit is held up manually by the attendants to the wedding ceremony. Chuppah also symbolizes the home in which the couple will ideally build together.

Chuppah Tallit
Chuppah Tallit

In a much more general sense, this refers to the process in which nesuin, the second stage of the Jewish marriage is carried out. The traditional Chuppah, most especially in the Orthodox Judaism suggest that there should be an open sky above the tallit chupah though this is not mandatory among the Sephardic communities.  

In case a wedding ceremony is held indoors, there are instances that special opening is needed to open and mark the beginning of the ceremony. Numerous Hasidim prefer to do the entire wedding ceremony outdoors. It has also been said that the ancestors of the couple are also present during the chuppah ceremony.

What Huppah or Chuppah Symbolizes

big tallit
Big Tallit

This bridal canopy can be viewed as a multi-faceted symbol. It’s a garment, a bed covering and a home. The openness recalls the biblical tent of Abraham, a known paradigm of hospitality who opt to keep his tents open on all the sides so visitors can feel they are welcome.

Chuppah Tallit -An Important Part of Jewish Traditional Wedding

Under chuppah, the tallit is commonly used during a traditional Jewish wedding.  There’s an attractive ancient Jewish custom wherein the tallit of the groom is placed over the couple’s head during chuppah while the Seven Blessings or Sheva Brachot are recited.

The Sephardic and German Jews retained this custom, and modern coups are reviving such custom at chuppah. In numerous Sephardic weddings, the groom wraps himself in tallit and is presented as a gift by his bride under the chuppah. It’s then held over by the groom and the bride by some eligible bachelors. There are instances that full-size tallit is put over chuppah or this serves as chuppah itself.

One of the most prevalent Jewish customs is for kallah to purchase her chassan and first tallit ahead of chuppah and give this to him before the wedding day. The tallit symbolizes that he’s bound to her bride to the exclusion of other women.

Chuppah Tallit-Traditional

This can be a white wool classic with a range of Jewish tzitzit options. This is also a quality challit for the discerning groom.

Chuppah Tallit-Customized

There are options for customization. Special atara is usually added to tallit for the groom. There are wide selections of atara to choose from. You can also refer to tzitzit helpful guide before you make final decisions.

Chuppah Tallit-Handwoven

There is this one of a kind custom tallit beautifully and lovingly crafted by expert weavers Weaving Creation in Negev Old City Jerusalem and Gabrieli in Rechovot. The Chuppah Tallit sets beyond control.

Over the years, this canopy in which Jewish couple stands during their wedding ceremony has become a big part of Jewish tradition. 

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