Hanukkah or Chanukah

 The Chanukah festival has two different miracles. The first one is the igniting the Menorah with seven branches or also called as the candelabra was one of the essential factors that Jewish people do as a daily service in the Land of Holy, the Holy Temple. When the followers of Judas Maccabaeus give the Holy Temple the freedom from the hands of the cruel Greek violator, they only found a tiny cruse of undefiled and pure olive oil that will fit for the lighting of the Menorah. The only problem is that the olive oil is just enough to light the seven-branched Menorah for only one day and to produce another type of pure oil it will take 7 to 8 days. And like a miracle, the pure olive oil lighted for 8 nights and days.

During the 2nd century of the Before the Destruction of the Second Temple Era triumph of a great and small out-armed and outnumbered warrior of the Jews, that is commonly known as the “Maccabees,” over the strongest and mightiest Greek warriors that invaded the Holy Land.


How is it Spelled, Hanukah or Chanukah?

In the Hebrew language, the word “Chanukah” is being read as the letter, Chet. The “ch” in the letter Chet is not pronounced like the ch in the word cahir. But instead, it is usually read as similar to Bach by Johann Bach, which does not have any English transliteration. The letter H is the closest letter to the pronunciation of ch. So, while some people prefer to use it as Hanukkah and some people settle for Chanukah, they possess the same meaning.

What Does the Word Chanukah Mean?

The Hebrew word “Chanukah” refers to the word induction and dedication. Following their triumph over the Greek invaders, the followers of Judah Maccabaeus dedicated the Menorah again to the altar of the Holy Temple, which had been defiled and desecrated by the atheist invaders.

The Hebrew word “Chanukah” is also subdivided into two words; the word Chanu, which means they rested and Kah, which is composed of 25 as its numerical value. In Hebrew month, the 25th day of the Maccabees Kislev rested in the war and marched triumphantly into the Holy Temple of the Land of Jerusalem, which is ready to dedicate the menorah to it again.

How is Chanukah Celebrated?

Every day of the eight days of the celebration of Chanukah, the Jewish people lighted up the nine-branched candelabra of the menorah, after the sundown, aside from the Friday afternoon, wherein the candles are being lighted for a short period. For the first night of Chanukah, the Jews will light up a single light and the attendant candle or the shamash, on the second night of Chanukah, the Jews will light up two lights plus two shamas until the 8th day of Chanukah, wherein the Jews will light up eight lights and eight shamash. You can light the menorah through wicks, oil, and candles.


Whether you pronounce it as Hanukah or Chanukah, it will always remain the meaning of the Chanukah festival.

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