AHAVA Hand Cream

The AHAVA Hand cream is one of the most favorite treats that every people, most especially women from the Land of Jerusalem. In my opinion, AHAVA hand cream is considered as one of the most famous products of AHAVA, and there are lots of reasons why you will love it. The Dead Sea is one of the bodies of water that you can find in the Middle East. The Dead Sea water contains therapeutic and healing properties that will be able to treat skin conditions and many more. This Dead Sea hand cream contains lots of benefits, such as soothing and beautifying your skin through the help of its soothing minerals, which makes the cream popularized by many people.

The minerals that the Dead Sea water contains have the healing properties, thus many people in different countries want to be in the Dead Sea to see and to experience the therapeutic mud and water for so many years.  The hand creams that will be presented by this article are all made by AHAVA Company. Why do many people prefer to use AHAVA hand cream? It is because AHAVA hand creams are tried and tested by professionals and most recommended by doctors. The Dead Sea hand creams can ease your pain, aches and irritating skin conditions. It will also leave your skin moisturized, nourished and softer than ever. Without any greasy and heavy feeling, your hands will be pampered and soothed with this AHAVA hand cream.

During the cold seasons in the land of Jerusalem, if you are having chapped type of skin, this Dermud Intensive Hand cream by AHAVA will treat your skin. This AHAVA’s DERMUD is made up to fit sensitive and dry skin perfectly. It also contains some moisturizing shower gel that is very effective and efficient to use. There are two different AHAVA products that I will mostly recommend to you, the Dead Sea mud and the Liquid Salt. Want to know it more? Keep on reading!

AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Body Mud

This is the first AHAVA product that is made up of 100% Dead Sea mud. This is the most effective type of Dead Sea Body Mud that will moisturize and soothe your skin. You can warm the water in your bathtub to have the best result of the Dead Sea body mud. After testing the temperature level of the water, you can now apply it to your sore muscles, painful joints or in the affected area of your skin. Let it sit on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. It is like you have a body spa at your home.

AHAVA Liquid Dead Sea Salt

This AHAVA Liquid Dead Sea salt is a type of concentrated gel came from the minerals found in the Dead Sea. The gel contains grapefruit oil, algae extract and Vitamin E that will strengthen purifies, exfoliates and detoxifies your skin.


If you want to experience the healing and therapeutic benefits of these AHAVA Hand Creams, you can order it in many leading online stores or drugstores nationwide at an affordable price.

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