Golan Heights Winery

The Golan Winery is created in the year of 1983 and can be found in a small community in the land of Katzrin, in the attractive and elegant place of Golan Heights. The first wine they manufactured and created was been released in the year 1984 and is considered as the world-class wine in the land of Israel. Since the Golan Winery launched its first wine in 1984, it was awarded lots of awards during the Major International Wine Exhibitions that is a competition with every taste of the wines produced in every country around the globe. The gold medals of theirs and some minor awards are all displayed proudly in the room of their winery place.

Golan Heights Winery – The History

As stated above, the release of the first wine of the Golden Heights Winery happened in the year of 1984. The wine production of Golden Heights Winery in the year of 2008 reach about 6 million wine bottles for the whole year and 30% of them were exported. Golden Heights Winery is one of the different brands of Galilee’s Galil Mountain Winery including Gamla and Yarden Winery. This Golden Heights Winery is one of the companies in this world who manufactures and creates tasty wines that will suit in all your needs on any occasion.

Where is Golan Heights Winery Located in this World?

The Golan Heights Wineries extends for about 43 km or 27 miles from east to west and 71 km or 44 miles from north to south as its widest and largest area. The area of the Golan Heights Winery has the shape of a boat and is longer than you think. It also contains 1,150 square meters or 444 square miles as its area. In the southern portion of the area where the Golan Heights Winery is located is considered as the best land to plant and produce grapes, the stock-raising location is located at the Mount Hermon in the north portion that has stony hills, and some patches of scrub and woodland.

Golan Heights Winery – The Beginning

In the year of 1976, after the plantation of the Golan Heights first vineyards, the Golan Heights Winery was built with four cooperative communities or also known as moshavim and four collective communities or also called as the kibbutzim in the year of 1983. The Golan Heights Winery is popular for being included as one of the most famous wineries located in the land of Israel.

Propagation of Grapes by Golan Heights Winery

Everybody wants to talk about the grapes propagation of Golan Heights Winery. It may be because you love talking about wines or because this article catch you up.

In the journey taking by the Golan Heights Winery on having the highest quality wine, they experience a problem that became their biggest threat that can be a barrier to their path of triumph. In the year of 2004, the Golan Heights Winery started to have some problems with their grapes vineyard that began to have viruses that lead them to change their plans. As part of their plan, the winery decided to control their grapes vines every single minute, thus they created their Vine Propagation which helps them to gain more knowledge about producing high-quality wines.

In the year of 2007, the said winery company began to create its own facility for grapes propagation. You may think that they do this through the help of the internet, but you are definitely wrong. The owners and the workers of the Golan Heights Winery prepared for their in-depth research and give focus on asking some advice from the veterans around the globe. And through that, the Golan Heights Winery gain the fruit of their hardship to have their own grape propagation facility with the help of ENTAV which is France’s National Technical Association for Viticultural Improvement

Winemakers of Golan Heights Winery

Workers of the Golan Heights Winery give their best about the propagation of their grapes. The winemakers are truly impressive in making the tasty wines of the said winery company. Almost all of the workers of Golan Heights Winery have their own Educational degrees. They are knowledgeable enough about making good tasty wine, thus the wines they first produced gains lots and lots of both minor and major awards.

The Wines of Golan Heights Winery

Mount Hermon

This is the wine that focuses on the fresh and accessible juicy wine that can be drunk every single day. They are the one who produces the delicious and sweet wine called Moscato, the blends of the international varietals and the blend of Bordeaux.

Galil Mountain Winery

This is the innovative and modern type of propagation facility of Golan Heights Winery that is located over the Upper Galilee Mountain and is been popularized for being the rich winemaking of the region. They are experts in manufacturing international blended varietals of wine.


This is the flagship and premiere label brand of Golan Heights Winery. The finest and freshest grape juice from the grape vineyards of the winery is being preserved for the production of Yarden wines. Yarden is a Hebrew term which means the Jordan River in English. The Jordan River is the river that separates the Galilee from the Golan Heights. The bottle of this Yarden wine has the symbol of an oil lamp that has the mosaic tile as its décor – an ancient symbol for Israel. The Yarden provides lots of different types of wine including the Portuguese blend, syrah, cabernet, merlot, noir, pinot, gewürztraminer, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and sparkling wines.

Golan Heights Winery Produces Kosher Wines

The wines produced by the Golan Heights Winery are all considered as kosher. The said winery is being supervised by the rabbinic court’s head and rabbi of Tiberias, Hagaon Rabbi Avrohom Dov Oyerbach Shallita, from the year of 1983. He is the one who certifies that the wines manufactured and produced by Galon Heights Winery are all certified kosher.

Choosing a wine that will suit your taste and needs is not easy. And if you are looking for wines that are very tasty and fulfilling, then keep on reading and find the right taste of wine for you. This article contains lots of wine produced and manufactured by Golan Heights Winery that offers you a great taste and soothes all your cravings at a low cost.  Keep on reading and enjoy it!

The Best Wines Produced by Golan Heights Winery

Natural Litchi Fruit Wine

Under the certification of Mateh Asher Regional Rabbinate, this Natural Litchi Fruit Wine created and manufactured by the Golan Heights Winery is a certified kosher wine. With a price amount of 29.99 US dollars, you can now enjoy this fruity tasty wine. This wine is produced by the Golan Heights Winery through the old fashioned process, thus you can enjoy the home-made and deliciously taste of wine. It does not use any food coloring as its ingredient.

Yarden Mount Hermon Red

This Yarden Mount Herdon Red is made up of fresh red fruits including cherries and raspberries plus some hints of black pepper and fresh herbs that will give you tasty and aromatic smell. This can be your perfect gift to your friend that will give him or her a very satisfying taste. Even though you can immediately taste this wine, but it is always better for you if you will wait for about three to four years after its harvest to have its best taste. You and your friend can enjoy this Yarden Mound Hermon Red wine with some foods such as grilled meats, pasta, and tapas. You can purchase this online for only 24.99 US dollars.

Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon

For only 34.99 US dollars, you can now enjoy the delicious taste of this Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon wine. This wine of Golan Heights Winery is made up of black pepper, some hints of herbs, bright cherry, and ripe berries. All of these ingredients will give you an equal taste with the help of oak’s backbone. This wine is in need to be preserved for some years to have its best taste. You can preserve this wine for about 7 to 8 years or more. This Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon is best paired with some Risotto Milanese, Moroccan lamb tajine or with the spice-rubbed grilled steak.

Gamla Sauvignon Blanc

This Gamla Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best wines manufactured and produced by Golan Heights Winery because it contains some hints of grass and flowers with some tropical fruit notes and grapefruit. This type of Golan Heights wine will give its best taste if stored well for 7-9 years. You can pair this wine with foods with non-aged goat’s milk cheese. For only 24.99 US dollars, you can now store this wine and get ready for its bursting taste after several years.

Gamla Pinot Noir

This Gamla Pinot Noir contains bright raspberry, blackberry and some floral notes with a hint of spice and rich oak. You should wait for about four to five years to get the best taste of this wine of Golan Heights. You can enjoy this Gamal Pinot Noir wine with some types of foods that you probably want such as braised duck, seared tuna fillets and some marinated grilled chicken breast. You can now avail of this Gamla Pinot Noir through browsing online with a price amount of 34.95 US dollars.

Golan Cabernet Sauvignon

This Golan Cabernet Sauvignon wine created and manufactured by Golan Heights Winery composed of plum fruit notes and ripe berries that are rounded with some oak, spice, and vanilla. The aromatic smell of this Golan Cabernet Sauvignon will make you crazy. The best taste of this wine will get when it was stored well for about 7-8 years or more. This wine is recommended to pair with some foods with bold flavor such as eggplant parmesan that is made up of lots of fresh herbs or with the well-marbled grilled of spice-rubbed steak. You can now enjoy this drink for only 24.99 US dollars. Order now!

Gamla White Riesling

This Gamla White Riesling is a perfect gift for your friend or relatives during any special occasions that are needed to be celebrated. It contains tropical fruit notes and citrus with fresh flowers. The fresh mints and some pine needles rounded out this wine. A little amount of sweetness makes this wine so perfect. From the time you purchased this Gamla White Riesling, you should wait 7-8 years to enjoy its best taste and delicious aroma. You can make this wine as your aperitif before your dinner, with some appetizers or some spicy heat foods. For only 24.99 US dollars, you can now start storing it in your place for a couple of years.


As you read this article, you can see that it is all about the studies conducted to build the Golan Heights Winemaking. On the other hand, this article gave you some ideas about the best wines of Golan Heights Winery. As you can see, all of the wines manufactured and produced by the Golan Heights Winery, all of these are in low cost but give you tasty and aromatic wine. All wines are in need to be stored in an area to get its best taste. You can only find suitable tasty wine for you in Golan Heights Winery. The taste of the wines is just like the life of humans, you need to wait to get its best.

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